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Most modern vehicles now come equipped with a multitude of electronic control units to control various components.


With the development of CAN-BUS systems it is crucial to have a good understanding, the knowledge and the right diagnostic equipment to rectify any faults that may occur.


The price of some main dealer control units are incredibly expensive and in some situations a new replacement component is not a cost effective solution.


At DAVES we offer a ECU repair Service and give the customer an option for us to source and fit second hand components. All

our staff are highly trained and use dealer level diagnostic equipment.

-  ECU Repairs

-  CAN-BUS Fault Finding

-  Dealer Level Diagnostics

-  Coding of new components

-  Manufacture Software Updates

-  ECU Repair Service

-  CAN BUS fault finding

-  Second hand components sourced

-  Second hand components coded

-  Unbranded Customer Printouts

-  Extensive knowledge from trained technicians

-  Recovery to our workshop arranged

-  Instrument Cluster Repairs

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